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Brick City Gold Inc

Brick City Gold Inc

We are The Manufacturers of fine diamond jewelry.

Buy fine diamond jewelry direct from the source and save Hundreds of Dollars off.

With us, it’s a sale everyday.


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Princess-cut Engagement Ring 100-01136

Make her feel like a Princess with this Princess-cut Diamond engagement ring .

$3,900.00  $899.99

Floral Diamond Engagement Ring 100-01252

Diamond Frame Clusters Engagement Ring in Shimmering 14K Yellow Gold

$3,975.00  $1,199.99

Women's Diamond Ring 100-01282

Give her the symbol of Love with this 10K Yellow Gold Engagement Ring

$3,760.00  $919.99

Diamond Bridal Set 100-01283

Princess-Cut Quad Diamond Bridal Set in 14K White Gold

$4,300.00  $1,199.99

Luxurious Diamond Engagement Ring 100-01373

This captivating symbol showcases 1.59cts sparkling diamonds in shimmering 14k white gold.

$8,776.00  $2,899.99

Women's Diamond Ring 110-00003

A Bold and Beautiful look of love, seems like two separate rings. Get this look for less

$2,800.00  $999.99

Floral Canary Diamond Ring 130-00009

Simple yet stunning, this quad floral clusters showcases 1.75cts diamonds in 14k white gold.

$2,694.00  $999.99

Diamond Engagement Ring 130-00042

A Stunning Diamond Ring in 14K White gold made to amaze

$2,899.00  $749.99

Colored Diamond Engagement Ring 130-00050

A Classic and Gorgeous Diamond Engagement Ring in 10K White gold

$1,614.00  $519.99

Diamond Fashion Ring 130-00074

Graceful and elegant , this fashion ring sparks in 14k white gold

$2,814.00  $989.99

Anniversary Diamond Ring 130-00094

Declare your everlasting love with this 5-stone Diamond Ring.

$2,970.00  $999.99

Engagement Diamond Ring 130-00142

Gorgeous Engagement Diamond ring in 14k Yellow Gold

$3,734.00  $599.99

Past, Present & Future Diamond Ring 130-00209

Princess-cut diamond Past, Present & Future Ring.

$5,980.00  $2,999.99

Women's Canary Diamond Ring 135-00247

Enhanced Canary Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold

$2,526.00  $849.99

Diamond Flower Bypass Ring 135-00357

This Everlasting Diamond Blossom showcases1.25cts diamonds perfectly crafted in 14k White Gold

$2,770.00  $599.99

Diamond Engagement Ring 100-01383

Gorgeous diamond ring made to amaze in 14k yellow gold.

$2,720.00  $1,799.99

Women's Diamond Wedding Band 115-00177

With Elegant simplicity, this diamond band expertly crafted in 14k Sparkling yellow gold.

$2,360.00  $599.99

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