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Prayer Hands & Serenity Pendant 160-00902

A Brilliant shine Diamond Pendant made to Impress.

$3,504.00  $699.99

Marijuana Diamond Charm 160-00903

Blaze it in style with this exclusive design of marijuana inspired jewelry.

$3,980.00  $709.99

Crown Lion Pendant 160-00904

Show your strength and power with this king of the jungle Diamond Charm.

$4,985.00  $719.99

Micro Standing Angel Pendant 160-00889

Cherished every moment with this Micro Angel Charm

$2,985.00  $319.99

Mini Diamond Angel Charm 160-00909

Charming Mini Fashion Pendant In 10K Yellow Gold

$2,900.00  $449.99

Diamond Key Pendant 160-00911

Unlock the love she holds in her heart with this Diamond Charm Made to perfection.

$3,985.00  $569.99

Mini Angel Charm 160-00914

Stylish and Modern Diamond Angel Pendant

$4,506.00  $599.99

Mini Prayer Hands Pendant 160-00915

A Unique Clasp Hands holding a Cross Cover in Diamonds.

$4,589.00  $779.99

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