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Brick City Gold Inc Three pcs Diamond Ring Set 100-01230 Three pcs Diamond Ring Set, full of brilliance direct from brick city gold inc.. Product #: 100-01230 based on 0 reviews Regular price: $5,349.95 $5,349.95

Three pcs Diamond Ring Set

Three pcs Diamond Ring Set

Product Code: 100-01230
Weight: 0.00g
Dimensions: 0.00mm x 0.00mm x 0.00mm

$5,349.95  $1,495.99

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Three pcs Diamond Ring Set


3 Pcs Diamond Rings

ITEM #100-01230

Luxurious trio Diamond Ring set.

This 10K white Gold Diamond ring set showcases 1.50 ct brilliant   and princess cut Diamonds, with a brilliant, dazzling set of diamonds.Featuring a fabulous   design and a highly polished white gold finish,this ring makes a   fantastic diamond wedding ring set.

This Ring is a Brick City Gold design. We   are the direct manufacturers and sell to retailers around the country.   Don’t let this great deal getaway.


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    Gem Type:        100% Natural     Diamonds   
    Total Carat     Weight:        1.50 CTS     Clarity S1   Color H   
    Gram Weight:        7.7 Grams     Width 7.9mm   
    Metal Type:        10k   
    E. Retail Price:        $5,349.95.00   
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