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Women Jewelry

Women Jewelry
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White Gold Cross Pendant 160-00006
This white gold cross pendant features 7.47ct and is made of 14K white gold

$16,250.00 $7,499.99

White Gold Cross Pendant 160-00015
This elegant white gold cross is custom made to the finest detail.

$10,630.00 $6,258.99

White Gold Cross Pendant 160-00105
This White Gold Cross Pendant features blue and yellow canary diamonds.

$15,268.00 $9,249.99

White Gold Cross Pendant 160-00122
This White Gold Pendant has blue and yellow canary diamonds hand set to make a beautiful custom cross.

$4,743.00 $2,842.99

White Gold Pendant 160-00156
This pendant features 8.30cts and is 14K White Gold. You wont find this anywhere else, its custom made only at Brick City Gold

$8,025.00 $4,649.99

White Gold Pendant 160-00165
Featuring White Gold with black diamonds.

$11,500.00 $4,956.99

White Gold Pendant 160-00203
Fabulous Custom made cross with 7.52cts and 14K white gold

$9,250.00 $5,549.99

White Gold Dragon Pendant 160-00309
This White Gold Dragon Pendant is custom made by Brick City Gold.

$7,803.00 $3,989.99

White Gold Cross Pendant 160-00431
White Gold Cross Pendant is not ordinary in any way its a masterpiece made by Brick City Gold

$6,900.00 $3,859.99

White Gold Pendant 160-00492
This beautiful custom piece of jewelry is a gem among gems, its unusual to find in many places. Custom Made here at Brick City Gold

$12,840.00 $6,495.99

White Gold Pendant 160-00498
This piece is a fully loaded custom piece made by Brick City Gold

$16,284.00 $7,248.99

Diamond Earrings 150-03514
Brilliant round cut diamonds at its finest.

$1,050.00 $299.99

Women's Diamond Ring 100-01367
Sparkling Round Cut 10K White Gold Diamond Ring

$2,450.00 $999.99

Women's Engagement Diamond Ring 100-01368
Impressive Princess Cut Diamond Ring

$7,096.00 $2,599.99

Women's Diamond Engagement Ring 100-01369
This Radiant 10K White gold Showcases 2.50cts Princess Cut Diamonds

$8,776.00 $2,899.99

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