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Men Gold Pendant

Men Gold Pendant
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Pinky Diamond Charm 435-02034
Custom Made 10K Yellow Gold Diamond Character Pendant Made To Amaze

$5,700.00 $1,699.99

Brain Diamond Charm 435-02035
Custom Made 10K Yellow Gold Diamond Character Pendant Made To Impress

$6,150.00 $1,999.99

Pharoah Gold Pendant 435-02046
Classic 10K Yellow Gold Religious Pendant

$1,696.00 $239.99

Versace CZ Pendant 435-02051
A Classic Style Designer Charm in 10K Yellow Gold with Cubic Zirconia Diamond Accent !

$1,780.00 $269.99

Men's Versace Pendant 435-02050
10K Yellow Gold Designer CZ Pendant !

$1,846.00 $289.99

Two-Tone Angel Charm 435-02049
Stunning10K Two-Tone Angel Charm !

$2,428.00 $479.99

Supper CZ Pendant 435-02048
Classic Supper Cz Charm in 10K Two-Tone Gold

$2,764.00 $599.99

Men's Virgin Mary Charm 435-02048
Bling in Styles with this 10K Yellow and Cubic Zirconia Religious Pendant in a Unique frame made to Impress

$3,346.00 $799.99

Last Supper CZ Pendant 435-02042
10K yellow Gold Cz Religious Charm in a Rectangle frame .

$1,684.00 $240.00

Mini Last Supper Charm 435-02040
10K Two-Tone Mini Supper Charm !

$1,618.00 $219.99

Mini Cz Last Supper Pendant 435-02043
Classic Style Last Supper Charm in 10K Two-Tone Gold.

$1,414.00 $159.99

Gold Eye Pendant 435-02053
10K Yellow Gold Eye Fashion Pendant .

$494.00 $70.00

Custom Made Gold Pendant CM
10K Two-Tone Custom Made Charm in a Classic Round Design !

$6,500.00 $2,500.00

Custom Made Cross Pendant
Custom Made Heavy Two-Tone Jesus On the Cross Pendant

$9,500.00 $4,500.00

10K Yellow Gold Lion Charm 435-02056
A Brick City Gold Custom Design Lion Pendant with Lab Created Diamonds.

$4,250.00 $1,499.99

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